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How I work


Working with male clients

Providing male waxing services is interesting to me because men are more sensitive than women in some ways. As a man myself, I generally understand other men psychologically and physically. Also, as a male waxing technician, I'm firm yet gentle. Your comfort is my priority. I'm very experienced and you can trust me! 


Working style

There's a list of waxing techniques widely used by waxing technicians. "Speed waxing" technique will never be done at my studio. This technique is to apply wax to cover a large area, as large as possible then remove the wax very quickly and continuously to save time. For someone who has a lot of hair, this way of waxing will put him through hell and traumatize him. No need!

My work style is completely different than most technicians. And since I'm not going to be the richest man in the world, no rush! I reasonably take my time to work so that you can be as comfortable as you can be. 


Waxing Waxing Waxing

Please know that you come to me for waxing and/or facial services only. Sexual stuff? There will be a legal action as a result. Let's respect each other.


“Getting a waxing service is a guy's own experience. Why not have a fantastic one?”

Waxing Services by tonie p  |  Since 2009

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Loyalty Program

When you complete your 5th paid service, you’ll receive 25% off your 6th visit.

After you complete your 25% off card and service, you’ll receive a new card.  When you complete your 5th paid service on this new card, you’ll receive 30% on your 6th visit.

After you complete each Loyalty Card, you’ll receive an additional 5% off your 6th visit up to a 50% discount.



The Feeling of Satisfaction!


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