Don’t settle for just a haircut.

Think how a new haircut, or freshening up the cut you have, can improve your total image AND your attitude! Also, a new haircut can definitely help you look more youthful, healthier, and more energetic.


With care

A great haircut reflects the personality of each individual. At Tonie P, you will always get a wearable haircut that compliments the person you truly are, and of course, your lifestyle.


Starts at $120

• All services include a consultation, a scalp massage, and a blowout.

• All start up prices are subject to change upon consultation




“Tonie is ABSOLUTELY THE MOST INCREDIBLY TALENTED hair and makeup artist it has ever been my privilege to work with!”

“….. The first time he did my hair it was to correct a truly horrible cut done by someone else... he not only saved my hair, but it was the beginning of a warm and caring relationship that I treasure. Other people cut hair --- Tonie has a true gift, and his art is simply amazing to be a part of. Making people feel beautiful is something Tonie is compelled to's what his artistic soul requires, and I am so blessed to be on the receiving end of being cared for so completely. He is also a truly delightful and funny person, and I always enjoy my time with Tonie! …..”

Wanda P, Santa Clara, CA



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Take a break from what you’re used to.

Get a haircut that reveals you.